Dissertation Citation In APA: Rules For University Students

At the end of each course, it is a requirement for all university students compose and submit a well-written dissertation paper with a specific referencing style such as APA citation of dissertation. In fact, APA is one of the most preferred formats in most institutions. If you have challenges in employing this specific style of writing, here are tips that can be very helpful to you.

The title page

This is usually the first page of the document had must follow certain rules. For instance, it needs to have the main title which has to be precise; that is, answering the questions “why, what, when and where?” This section also needs to bring out the time span within which the research will be carried out and the name of the author and the supervisors. When using dissertation citation APA style, it is important to remember that all the information on the title page needs to be at the center of the page.

Double spacing between words in a sentence

Well, you do not have to literally jump two spaces between every word when laying down your content. There is a tool on the word document you simply key in after selecting the text you want to double-space. This will automatically generate the double spaces between words. However, this does not apply to spacing after punctuation marks which should basically be single. Remember therefore to include this requirement in all unpublished dissertation citation APA documents.

One inch margin indentation

All the paragraphs whether unpublished or published dissertation APA citation need to start with a one-inch margin spacing. This spacing should be uniform and should not be done manually. There is a way you can do this by simply using the Tab key on your laptop.

The font

This includes the font type and also the size of the words in the document. Most people recommend the Times New Romans or the Calibri and a font size of 12 points. Depending on your supervisor’s preference, make sure you choose the right font size by employing the APA citation machine dissertation.

The running header

Since a thesis has several pages, every page needs to have a running head. This is simply a summary of the topic. This should not be a long sentence but simply should reflect the main subject of your study. Once you insert this, it will become visible at the top right of every page and will serve as a reminder to the reader of the main subject under discussion.


There is an APA dissertation citation generator that allows you automatically include all the texts, journals and other materials as your sources of information. In APA, the surname name of the first writer is written and then followed by the year in which the source was published. Other details such as the title of the text and the name of the publisher, the volume and the page numbers should also not be left out when employing dissertation citation in APA.