How To Create An Attention Grabbing Dissertation Title Page For Your Research

To capture the attention of your dissertation audience, you need to have a title page that summarizes the content in the report. Essentially, the title page should contain the title or topic of your research, your names, and your supervisor’s names. If you are not sure about the structure of the title page, you can use a dissertation title generator. Alternatively, you can select form dissertation title examples and create your own title page. Here is how to do complete this final process with much ease.

Create the title page using Microsoft Word

After choosing a dissertation title page that you find appropriate, consider your formatting requirements. There are different specifications for MLA and APA title pages. Consult your supervisor if you are not sure of the right format.

  • Open a blank document on MS Word
  • Select your required font and font size
  • Type in the title of your research, your name, and your supervisor’s name and the date of publication
  • When writing your name, use initials for your first name before including your last name. The same is true for your supervisor’s title and name.
  • Include the educational program that you are undertaking
  • Include the educational institution where you study
  • The title should be catchy and gain the attention of the reader


If you feel that an illustration is necessary for your title, you can choose from another title for dissertation chapter examples. Alternatively, you can find an image online or one you have taken during the course of your research.

Make sure the picture is clear, has high resolution, and is relevant to your topic of research. For instance, you cannot place a photo of your family or a pet on the title page as it is not relevant to the content in the dissertation report.


If you are still not sure about how to arrange your title page, there are templates available online that will help you create the right dissertation title page. As mentioned earlier, do not pick a template that does not follow the format or style of writing that you have used for your dissertation. You can get perfect templates from dissertation writing service. Some will offer the templates for free while others may charge some fees.

Be sure to find out what template matches APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard format of writing.


First, the title page should not have a page number. Second, the margins should be set at 1.5 inches left and right; with the top and bottom set at 1 inch.

Third, the title of the dissertation should be in ALL CAPS and centered. Fourth, the rest of the entries do not have to be in all caps but must be centered as well. All the information should be limited to one page only.

Using the above simple guide, the dissertation chapter titles page will be presentable to the committee and other audience interested in your research.

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